Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday evening, I was invited to a special dinner to celebrate my dad's girlfriend's birthday. We went to her daughter's brand new condo and had a lot of fun. We had too much wine and delicious food, and the overall evening was festive and enjoyable.

During dinner, I heard the daughter's boyfriend Alex refer to the prophecies of 2012. Now, only three people at the table even knew I'm writing a book right now (correction: querying a book, while writing the second) and I didn't want to get into it. After all, it wasn't my day.

The temptation, however, was agonizing. He kept referring to "documentaries" he saw on TV all week that explained how planets will align and explode and send star dust in our atmosphere, or whatever.

While I ate the DELICIOUS food he had prepared, I kept screaming in my head "NOOOOO! or "COME ON, WTF IS THIS!", whilst smiling at the drunk woman on my left I didn't know and having a conversation about the importance of green grass.

I was dying to converse about 2012 with him. Especially when he began to talk about Aztecs and ancient Sumeria. The rational in me wanted to tell him "dude, I have six textbooks I paid too much money for at home, and hundreds of hours of research in my bag, and all you're saying is conjecture or total fabrication."

On the other hand, it was an AMAZING EXERCISE IN SELF-CONTROL! Creating Trinity's universe was an amazingly fun experience. Though the novel's primarily sci-fi and the universe of the Maya and the vampire mythos got the FRINGE treatment, I have to let go at times. Let go of the science and believe in something else.

In the end, I realized: who cares? Why do I ALWAYS feel the need to convince others? I shouldn't have to. I loved the debating team in high-school, but I also think it's good to let it go once in a while.

The lesson hit me in the face when we were in the cheese and the grapes: let it go, enjoy the festivities, fight another day! More importantly, wait until the book gets published THEN light on the debate so everyone goes and buy it.

Marketing, folks. Marketing.

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