Saturday, June 19, 2010

CBS fires the two female leads of Criminal Minds

This is Friday. And I have a rant!

It seems TV network executives these days are either all morons of massive proportions or high on drugs. Or maybe the economy forces them to make bad decisions? I really don't like to call people names, it is very unprofessional and is just bad decorum. Miss Snark taught us that.

But some idiots are just too stupid to let go. I have proof.

First there was NBC and the Tonight Show fiasco. I like Jay Leno, but a guy needs to know when his time has come. The genius behind this bad move was fired at the beginning of the month, but I think we can all agree: too little, too late. At least the Heroes cancellation was a good move.

A subsidiary of NBC is the Sci-fi channel. Oh no, I'm sorry... it's Syfy now. Yes, in the press release in which NBC announced the new name of their specialized channel, they explained that the new name will appeal to a broader audience. They said "Sci-fi" carried a stigmata and had too much of a "geek" feel to it. The answer: SyFy. Yes, I am sure all the girls who enjoy 90210 will now come running home to watch shows on Syfy due to the name appeal.

I know swearing is bad, and we French Canadians are known for our curses. Since English isn't my first language, I seem to be immune to whatever prudishness surround words. Therefore, I had only one reaction to this announcement: are you fucking kidding me? SYFY? Whatever baboon thought of it and whoever cleared this decision should be fired. Immediately. Considering the SyFy channel has no show of quality whatsoever since BSG ended, I wonder why it still exists. Lost and wrestling reruns? Puuuhhhh-lease. The day they decided to replace Emilie Ullerup's Ashley on Sanctuary with some new chick for "diversity" was the day they entered my shitlist. There's Stargate Universe, but I'm still finding the Atlantis cancellation hard to stomach, considering they canceled it because of "high production costs". More expansive than a new show? Rhona Mitra was both fabulous and hot in the last two episodes, so I am willing to give them some leash.

Moving on.

Then there's FOX. Also known as "Joss Whedon" killers, FOX has been known to cancel perfectly good shows because of "bad ratings" after they put aforementioned shows in death time slots, like Friday nights. Firefly was never given a proper chance, Dollhouse was also canceled prematurely. Poor Joss... why does he even pitch to these baboons who obviously CANNOT SEE TALENT EVEN IF IT SMACKED THEM IN THE FACE? Sarah Connor Chronicles... shall I continue?

Finally, there's CBS. Frankly, I never had much to say against CBS. They have great shows and I am not familiar with any major drama. Until today.

In a brilliant move, CBS fired one of their female lead on hit show Criminal Minds and will severely cut back on the other actress' episode count. I know this lady will call in for us all, but I much iterate my feelings. Firing all the female leads and keeping the guys is a recipe for a PR disaster. Forget the feminist movements (who I'm sure will give the network an earful), what about the millions of fans? Ever heard of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?" Apparently, it was done for creative reasons. Puuuhhh-lease.

Criminal Minds is good because most of the team has been together since season 1. There is cohesion. The team feels like an actual team, and the female characters especially are strong headed. They're not clich├ęd to death or cookie-cutter female cops.

If you have three guys and two girls in lead roles and you decide to fire the only two girls, what kind of message are you sending? I am a a guy and even I am offended. Apologies, I mean "if you fire one and slowly erase the other."

Joss Whedon is a genius. Networks should beg him for shows, not cancel them. Criminal Minds is a fantastic show, why ruin it by removing two key members of the team.

What are these people smoking?

Rant over. Have a fantastic week-end!


February Grace said...

Syfy got to me too- but since I never watch the channel I try not to think about it. There's nothing there I want to see (and I am a sci-fi geek, believe it).

I'm too busy watching Doctor Who on BBC America to care what SyFy is up to. Just can't get used to the new guy there, though. I miss David Tennant...

Sorry to hear the news about Criminal Minds. They just can't leave a good thing alone, can they?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Robin_Lucas said...

I cannot agree more about the SyFy name- someone needs to be fired. It sounds more like an STD, I'm sure more that will bring in more people :(

Ugh! I had no idea about Criminal Minds- bad, bad, bad move!! I love that flippin' show.