Monday, June 7, 2010

Contests make me gaga

Ever since I discovered I loved writing, the writing universe online is just as fantastic as the experience of writing itself. I've began to follow over twenty blogs, some religiously. You get to meet awesome people. You also come across AWESOME CONTESTS!

Some get you query or manuscript queries, others get you ARC (Advanced Reading Copies) or galleys... some bring you SIGNED BOOKS!

Sara Mcclung (thanks to Suzie Townsend for tweeting about it) is having a contest (with no strings attached!) to win signed copies of vampire books from the popular writers, such as Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer, Christopher Moore and Charlaine Harris!

Yeah, I already said I have no idea why I like vampires and why I LOVE True Blood, but I got my eye on the Charlaine Harris books!

Good luck to everyone who has entered!

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Kay said...

Hey there! I read your post, that's really cool! I love vampires too...big Anne Rice fan here. Well, of her Vampire Chronicles -- Lestat is SOOO my hero.

Wanted to let you know I'm holding a contest on my blog for the funniest/goofiest/weirdest love scene:

I've got some good prizes for it (not autographed copies of vampire books, but hey, I don't know Anne Rice). Anyway, I'd so "love" (tee-hee, cheesy joke) it if you spread the word on your blog and/or entered the contest.

Great post, by the way! Anything with vampires draws my attention.