Thursday, June 3, 2010

Disappointing endings

I've never been a HUGE reader. I started to read when I was about eight, but really got into it around age eleven. Compared to my childhood best friend, Anne-Sophie, who used to read 15 MG novels each month, I was a light reader.

I REALLY got into reading when I discovered the MG series ANIMORPHS. First in French, of course (I could barely count to one hundred in English at the time, even though I understood the language really well), then a few years into it, in English. I made a French fansite called "L'Univers d'Animorphs". It was my first website. I was only twelve, and remember how proud I was when I hit 1000 visits. These were the good times!

It was my second introduction to sc-fi (the first being the 1994 movie Stargate, which spawned the very successful TV franchises Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, the latter of which is very meh, by the way) and I knew right then I LOVED IT!

I couldn't wait for the next books to come out. I followed the books religiously, then the TV series (which, in retrospect, was horrible) and all the goodie books Scholastic released. I still remember when I was in grade school and the teacher would pass the monthly Scholastic magazines to everyone, I couldn't be MORE excited. I'd circle the books I wanted, bring it back home, and beg my mom to write a check!

Back to Animorphs: there are 64 of them. 54 numbers in the main series and ten "chronicle" books. The last one, #54 "The Beginning", was released in 2001. I don't remember when I read it exactly, but I do remember how I felt when I finished reading it: COP OUT!

I was so pissed off, there are no words. I loved the chronicles and most of the books. The ending: hated it. No closure. No answers. When I learned K.A. Applegate really only wrote half of the books and used ghostwriters for the rest, I felt even worse.

It was like a five years love story ending on a sour note. When I looked around the net, I found many fans (if not most) hated the ending, too. I thought, what kind of writer would feel satisfied with that kind of ending?

In the end (see what I did there?), I had to learn to let it go. I do believe the lesson will stick with me forever, and I know exactly how TRINITY could NEVER end.

What about you? Which book series did you think had a terrible ending?

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