Sunday, June 6, 2010

In which writers go crazy

I think ANY writer will tell you how nerve wracking the query process is. I've started to query about three weeks ago, and I've already bitten all my nails to extinction. A habit I've been struggling with for the past 20 years. At least I don't drink or smoke (that's what I tell myself when I rationalize my faults).

I was ecstatic when I got a request for a full by no less than my dream agent two weeks ago. We get plenty of rejections in this process, but requests for the full manuscript are always encouraging. It's the hopeful ray of light you wait for. The worse is the waiting: I can be patient, but patience isn't really the issue here. It's waiting for the ANSWER.

What do you do to deal with it? I do everything but think about it. Revise the MS, write the next book, watch TV, sports, go out,... you do your best not to think about it because there's nothing you can do ANYWAY.

A few hours ago, I was catching up on my blog reading. Then, my dream agent's Twitter was hit with an update. "It's official. I am in love with the ms I just finished."


No genre. No more info. It's safe to say, anyone who sent their full in in the past month and a half will be going crazy thinking "what if it's mine!". It didn't take long before I headed to query tracker and looked at the comment page: four other people had also posted saying they saw the twitter update and were excited.

The BEST thing? Everyone seems genuinely happy for everyone, me included. If an agent is excited enough about your manuscript to post about it on Twitter, that person is really lucky, and probably deserves it. That's why I love writing. All the emotions and the roller coaster.

It's not always like this, but a lot of writers help each other out. The cohesion is wonderful, you get the sense you belong to a big online family. I love it, I love writing, and I love this entire experience!

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Kay said...

Wow! I would be freaking out if I sent my ms to that agent. How interesting that they sent such vague info...not even the genre or anything. But good for whoever's ms it was.