Friday, June 4, 2010

Why True Blood Kicks Twilight's Ass

Neither romance nor YA are genres I read. When I do, they're exceptions. I love mystery/thrillers/sci-fi with a strong romance element, but not if it's the central theme of the novel. Yet, I enjoyed Twilight quite a bit. Meyer is an amazing storyteller and she hit the nail on the head with the characters and dynamics she created. I think you all knew that.

I'm also uncertain why I like vampires. I love Joss Whedon for Dollhouse and Firefly, though I never saw Buffy. The only vampire movies I saw were INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE and the UNDERWORLD series, which I all loved (and let's also get it out of the way: Kate Beckinsale is hot!).

So why did I fall in LOVE with True Blood? I never read a Charlaine Harris book in my life. But I love True Blood. Absolutely adore it. Can't get enough. It has sex, vampires, blood, gore, action, hilarity, Michelle Forbes and Anna Paquin. It's dark, organic, and feels authentic.

This is why I couldn't stop laughing my ass off when I read this article:

You'll never hear me bash Twilight in public. I think it's tacky for a writer to do it, and I'm in awe at what Meyer has accomplished. It doesn't mean I don't enjoy humorous posts by IGN or Le R..

I already hear the "yeah, you're a guy, BIG SURPRISE!". Excuse me for a second, but one of my favorite movies and books of all time is The Notebook. I was dragged by force to the movie theater by the ex, and I loved it. I believe I might also have cried. I'm also a romantic. I have French blood in me. GO FIGURE!

Eclipse is hitting the theaters this month, and so is the third season of True Blood. I'll probably go see Eclipse during a matinée when there are as few people as possible, because I admit hearing the girls scream every time Jacob takes off his shirt is annoying.

Ah, Summer. True Blood.


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