Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm a daddy of four!

Sort of... Tonight at 7:15PM, our F7 marbled Bengal, Maya, began the delivery of quadruplets.

It was the first animal birth I witnessed and I dare say I prefer human deliveries... here are four snapshots taken a few hours after they had all came out.

All four babies are kicking and alive, but the mom is definitely exhausted from all the work. Considering she's a F7 Bengal and she is extremely wild, I wasn't sure if the maternal instincts would be prevalent, but they are. After she seemed to understand it was a baby coming out of her vagina, she became a mom really quickly in her behavior. From what I could tell we have two males and two females. Two are spotted with tawny yellow coats, two are marbled like their mother. One of the spotted might be a snow, not sure yet (the father is a marbled snow Bengal).

This is the end of my little reality capsule, back to query work :D


aspiring_x said...

wow! they're beautiful! you should be proud!

Hart Johnson said...

What gorgeous kitties! Congrats, daddy!

Francis said...

Thanks a lot :) It'll do until I want actual children!