Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pepping yourself out of misery

I want to wish a Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and writers out there! Enjoy the fireworks and festivities and take a day off this tiring writing business!

The incomparable Jessica Faust blogged about a very interesting topic this last Friday: dealing with rejections. Though I must have read over five dozens of these posts, I really liked this one for a very specific reason: the camaraderie that was displayed in the comment section (as well as the advice) was truly amazing. It is obvious the person who submitted her question to Ms. Faust truly seemed affected by all the rejections she's been piling. I was lucky enough to get a full request really early after I began querying (though since that time almost two months ago, it's been dry dry dry) and to be honest, if all I had accumulated were rejections so far, I don't know how I'd feel.

Tally so far: 47 queries sent. 2 fulls (still out), 1 partial (form rejected), 24 rejections, 20 still out. Some days are a lot demoralizing than others. I recently heard of someone who received a form rejection for both the partial AND the full she had out there. Having my partial rejected was difficult, but my hopes weren't really up. Let's not try to think what will happen if I get two fulls rejected in a row on the same day. That would probably mean early happy hour for that day! LONG ISLAND ICED TEAS FOR ALL!

So, what do you do to pep yourself out of a deep state of depression? I:
Watch Glee re-runs (Jane Lynch is so fucking hilarious there are no words)
Watch this multiple times.
Consume an insane amount of cappuccinos
Listen to Trailer music
I work (websites, photo shoots, etc. Anything except writing)

What about you?


aspiring_x said...

glee! it just fills you with... glee! :)

Francis said...

I think Lea Michelle is kind of hot, but my favorite is Dianna Agron (Quinn). HOT! I know I'm a living cliché but I've always had something for blondes.

Shoot me now!

Plus, Jane Lynch is hilarious I once pee'd my pants a little!