Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breaking Radio Silence

OMG! I cannot believe it's been two months since I last wrote here. Argh! Well, a crapload of stuff happened in the past two months ladies and gents:
-Had a full time summer job to complement the photo and website business
-Began new program at new university (which was ranked #1 University in Canada and #19 in the World, thank you very much! McGill FTW!)
-Sent more partials following requests
-Started writing novel #2
-Thoroughly enjoyed True Blood until the bitter end
-Thoroughly enjoyed StarCraft 2, a game my geeky self had been waiting for for over 11 years and which was released on July 27th.

I have to say disconnecting myself from the literary world completely for over six weeks did me a LOT of good. I did not look at any blogs, my MS or even sent new queries. I took a break, and man, was it awesome!

For those interested, I received four partial requests over the summer and the full was rejected, sadly. I should be hearing from two of them in October, and I'm preparing to send new batches of queries soon as well. I am not even close to giving up, although I felt that way in July after the full was rejected. The break help as well on that side. Learning Colleen Lindsay was leaving the agenting World was a big blow for all SF/F writers, but I wish her well in kicking that cancer's ass! As Hannah Mosk put it, "if I were cancer, I'd be scared shitless of Colleen!".

Going from medical school to a joint B.Sc/B.Ed. program has been quite a change, too. Save the fact I have to get up at 5:30AM to make my 8:30AM class (don't even ask), I like my new university quite a lot. I've seen a lot of freshmen who came over from the States and celebrated their new beginning by buying a crapload of alcohol... yes, you can drink at 18 here, so these kids who don't have to wait until they're 21 went wayyyy overboard the first two weeks. I was laughing my ass off when, on a Monday morning, this guy arrives at 8:29AM looking terrible. He sits down and throws up in the trashbin beside him a minute later. His friends come up to him, laughing, and exclaim in chorus: "told 'ya you couldn't finish a 25oz on Grey Goose alone!". SERIOUSLY? How about getting alcohol poisoning? Whenever a new Fall term starts, I'm sure the SAQ (Socitété des Alcohols du Québec, the only authorized chain of stores that have for mandate to sell any and all alcohol in the province) sees its sales go up by 100% within that month, courtesy of over eager American kids celebrating 0ur liberalism.

I did begin to write the sequel to Trinity, but only to keep my mind off Trinity itself. Now that I have a few partials out, and the bitter taste of a full rejection is gone, I began revising and re-writing again. I have one other full out, but I heard on QueryTracker that agent quit the agenting business as well, so I have very little hope for this one.

I'm still digesting True Blood's finale. I was disappointed to be honest, but since House is coming back next Monday, and I got myself a new DVR (never had one before... I LOVE IT!), it will be easily forgotten.

I'll be blogging a bit more regularly now that routine has returned. I have to admit I missed quite a few of you. I hope you guys had a great summer as well?