Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Being politically correct

I, like many others, watched the Golden Globes on Sunday. I found the Twitterverse to be particularly hilarious as the evening went on. There were the obligatory comments from the ladies dissing the heinous wardrobe of some and various discussions on the winners. What REALLY captivated me was what followed throughout the next few days about the host, Ricky Gervais.

I thought the opener was hilarious and ballsy, but many bloggers, newspapers and tabloids (though, I could care less about the waste of paper that the latter represent) dissed him for being inappropriate.

I think the sensitive souls who were expecting anything BUT exactly this live in another galaxy far far away, or lala land. Ricky Gervais is renowned for his crazy monologues that make Don Cherry look like the little boy from the prairies.

Here's the opening night, in HD, for you all to watch and judge. Chris Noth laughing in hilarity at the SITC2 poster joke was golden (terrible pun really intended).

It's true that Sheen is kind of crazy and that The Tourist was nowhere near good enough to warrant a nomination. Basically, he just said what everyone thinks in front of a gazillion people. If you're a Hollywood star who has benefited from years of stardom and the money that goes along with it, you'd be remiss to think people won't come at you if you do stupid shit. Sheen qualifies a hundred times over.

And yet, while I was reading about the scandal du jour, I couldn't help but think how some of the BEST books I've read lately were everything BUT PC. Just in the YA genre, Break and Looking for Alaska had the same "in your face" aura. I enjoyed them with a passion.

I much prefer protagonists who worry more about the truth than passing for a good boy or gal. Then again, I don't think it's surprising if you consider one of my all time favorite person to be Carrie Fisher. Her latest blog entry is totally worth a read.

Good job, Ricky! Enjoy the GG retirement :)


February Grace said...

Hey Francis- hope your year is off to a good start!

Thanks for the link to the Fisher blog- I didn't know she had one!

Hope 2011 is a great year for you (a little belated new years wish but then I haven't 'seen' you around.


aspiring_x said...

ohmygoodnesss!!! that was hilarious! i didn't watch the golden globes... but if i knew he was going to be so funny, i might have suffered through it! ha!

Francis said...

Happy New Year to you as well, Bru :)

Kay said...


K :-)